Concert in Salzburg:
"Inevitably, I thought of the young Maria Callas, when I heard this evening the graceful girl sing the extensive Mozart Aria like a great singer, with a carrying, well trained voice, a fine breathing technique and absolute sureness in the coloratura parts. The high notes sparkled, feeling was intensive. I was captivated by her artistic sense and musicality."

Opera Evening at the Vienna Opera:
"Britt Bern is a hit. Clear as a bell in intonation and sure in rhythm and interpretation. Her beautifully clear soprano voice soared in tasteful coloraturas. Her acting temperament and sense of comedy caused the public and the evening to be hers."

Festival in Versailles, France:
"Britt Bern is a jewel. With her vocal brilliance, including her coloratura, she gives evidence of a winged singing standard. Her Interpretations, rich in nuances, and her fantastic acting talent will lead her to greater tasks." Zurich Opera, Switzerland:
“Britt Bern as Norina in Don Pasquale - All the coloratura passages are clean an perfect. All registers are under control. One could only wish that the orchestra would play with the same instrumental perfection."

Concert in San Francisco:
"Britt Bern's interpretation of Strauss' "Last Four Songs" offered a shimmering moment. The second half of the concert was a wonderful presentation of Jenny Lind's art songs and folk songs that couldn't have been sung any better by Miss Lind herself." MET

Metropolitan Opera Association, Lincoln Center, New York, New York
"I first met Britt Bern at the Festival in Salzburg, Austria, some years ago, and have been working with her, off and on since then, most recently in New York. In the course of her excellent career she has sung at many first class places.  Opera as well as concert and TV, to the greatest acclaim of press and public. She is a thoroughly professional, experienced artist, with a beautiful voice and lots of personality - pretty, vivacious, and always able to hold an audience's interest. She has sung many roles, of great variety."Walter Taussig - Associate Conductor, Metropolitan Opera

A Quote from Britt Bern
“Opera is a wonderful art with many limitations and growing pains. By extending my repertoire I am now reaching a wider audience, and sharing my joy of singing with the whole world” [Britt Bern at the Silvia and Jonell Show Local TV, Seattle]